When deciding on what to call the business, we wanted to find a unique name that clearly portrayed our vision and values and had links to our heritage. Hannah being half Welsh / half Greek spent most of her childhood holidaying in Greece. Hannah’s father, Stavros Bizoumis, introduced Hannah to development from an early age. Being a Civil Engineer who it seemed, could turn his hand to anything built numerous houses from scratch learning how to brick lay, plumb, plaster, do electrics as he went along. Hannah spent a lot of her childhood running about construction sites (safely) with a cement pit as opposed to a sand pit to play with and remembers attending application meetings with her father. Needless to say, a passion for development and the built environment runs in Hannah’s veins.

It was obvious that, in tribute to Hannah’s heritage and her father our name had to be Greek. In Ancient Greek Chroma means:

‘’the purity of a colour, or its freedom from white or grey’’

‘’intensity of distinctive hue; intensity of colour saturation’’.

The bold, powerful and creative imagery that Chroma evokes conveys a positive and colourful message to a subject which can be complex and grey. This is why we have chosen Chroma Planning & Development as our company name.


Hannah is the founding Director of Chroma Planning and Development. She has accrued 12 years of planning and development experience including working in London for Gerald Eve, one of London’s leading planning consultancy practices for 9 years. Hannah relocated from London to Bristol in 2017 and spent 3 years working for an established Global consultancy.

Hannah has considerable experience in advising on a wide range of planning and development matters including development control (residential / commercial / mixed-use / education), site promotion, heritage, conservation and sports facilities delivery.

Hannah specialises in providing strategy advice and project management through the planning process from inception to delivery. Hannah has specific experience in the delivery aspects of development planning including scheme amendments and conditions to ensure deliverability of projects. Other specific areas of expertise include planning appraisals, applications, stakeholder engagement and local plan review. 

Hannah Bizoumis – Director

Hannah has worked across a variety of property types and sectors including small and large residential projects, commercial projects, town centre schemes, heritage projects and strategic housing sites.

Hannah has represented a wide range of clients including homeowners, established developers, house builders, landed estates and private individuals. Hannah is dual qualified and a member of both the RTPI and the RICS. She is also an accredited RICS assessor.

Hannah is a three-time Ironman and qualified triathlon and fitness coach. She enjoys dragging her husband on long bike rides across the South West and can also be found doing online fitness classes or around Bristol shouting at keen fitness bods to do burpees, pressups or get moving. When she’s not advising on planning or doing fitness she spends the rest of her time spoiling her two cats.